Make IT Smarter


SotoNets Cloud Solutions helps companies define an IT service delivery strategy, migrate to cloud-based services and manage the IT infrastructure to reduce cost while improving efficiency, security and availability.

Made for companies that require a dependable and secure IT environment, SotoNets delivers managed cloud services when they are required, with the required capacity and protecting our customer’s information assets.

Our approach to cloud-based IT solutions focuses on creating intuitive, scalable and flexible enterprise solutions that allow your organization to stay agile enough to meet changing business demands.

Managed IT


Don't let IT become a distraction to running your business. Let us help you align IT with your business goals.

Recovery as a Service


70% of SMBs will go out of business within a year of experiencing a major data loss. Don't become an statistic.

Industry Compliance


No matter what rules or regulations you need to follow, we ensures your IT environment is fully compliant.


Reduce the carbon footprint of your organization by making IT leaner. Save money and the planet at the same time.