Is your Wi-Fi making money for you?

Consumers and mobile workers are increasingly relying on Wi-Fi as part of their mobile work, shopping and eating experience. In turn, retailers and restaurants are increasingly adopting guest Wi-Fi to satisfy their customers’ expectations. However, although many businesses offer guest Wi-Fi, few are leveraging it as part of an omnichannel strategy.

It is important for businesses to embrace guest Wi-Fi. With it, retailers, restaurants and co-working spaces, among other businesses, have a firm foundation for nurturing brand loyalty, increasing customer satisfaction, and gaining a better understanding of customers’ behaviors and preferences.

By taking control of the Wi-Fi network infrastructure, business owners can use features such as bandwidth limiting, user access, Social Wi-Fi, SMS Authentication, In-Session, Premium Access and many others, turning Wi-Fi into a valuable business enabler and a steady revenue generator. Here are some examples on what you can do:

  • Restaurants– attract passerby with targeted coupons

  • Retail – direct shoppers to specific isles

  • Co-working spaces – manage bandwidth and offer premium access

  • Museums – create multimedia experiences

  • Hotels – pey-per-use Wi-Fi and boost reviews

  • Transportation – productivity on the road and marketing intelligence

  • Event Venues – engage visitor with in-session ads

Engaged customers promote your services and provide your business with hundreds of insights, turning your Wi-Fi service into a lead generation system. All in real-time.

How to put your Wi-Fi to work for your business.

Today, successful businesses make the most noise about their customer experience, and we think guest Wi-Fi should play an integral part in this. There are three areas that can generate significant benefits to any business, just by taking advantage of the wealth of information that users carry around in their phones and social media profiles:

Social login.

A frustration-free way for guests to access your WiFi network.

Guests expect a quick and simple process when they log in to your WiFI network. Nobody wants to complete lengthy sign up forms or go through multiple pages to get online. The solution: allow customers to access your network by their preferred social media profile at the press of a button.

The login page encourages users to connect with your brand socially, immediately boosting your social media presence. All done in a secure and legally compliant way. What’s more, once connected; your business leverages rich, accurate data so you can understand who your guests really are and drive meaningful marketing campaigns.

Once a user has logged in through a social media profile such as Facebook, you’ll unleash all the demographic information on their public profile such as gender, age and current city. You’ll also have visibility on the first and the last time they visited the venue. With our innovative, built in marketing tools you’ll be able to use this valuable information to send beautifully designed advertisement and SMS that are highly targeted and relevant.

Bandwidth management.

Bill guests for WiFi usage after a period of free time, or bill them for superior bandwidth.

Bandwidth management feature offers flexibility and the opportunity to increase revenue through alternative usage methods. Tiered bandwidth creates a monetary return on investment by charging guests for WiFi use. The solution can be tailored to your client according to:

  • Time – You can set a limit to the amount of free access time on the guest WiFi, 30 minutes for example. When the limit is reached and usage continues, a charge to the guest is incurred.
  • Speed – A limit can be set on the upload or download speed on the guest WiFi. Users then have the option to upgrade for a faster WiFi experience at a charge.
  • Usage – A limit to the usage can be set. For example, a guest who is simply checking their emails or browsing online will not use much bandwidth and therefore will not be charged, but a guest who is streaming videos (and using a higher proportion of the allocated WiFi bandwidth) would be charged.

Get more out of your guest network by putting it to work for you. Add value for clients with tiered Internet plans to match users’ needs. Promote onsite services, make announcements or advertise local services on your portal.

Wi-Fi marketing.

Send targeted messages from the WiFi data which you collect.

Send emails, SMS and coupons in real-time to visitors in your venue. Create highly targeted messages and engage with your consumers based on behavior and demographics. The result? Incredibly bespoke marketing campaigns. Notify your customers and even passerby about special deals, local events, promotions and in a case of emergency notify anyone around thru the Integrated Public Alert & Warning System (IPAWS).

​In this short video, Brian Cooley from C|NET discusses retail beacons and how retailers and customers plan to use the Bluetooth devices in stores. See all the potential uses and benefits these devices bring to retail, hospitality, fast food restaurants, museums and every business that is interested in taking advantage of foot traffic. Network manufacturers like Cisco Meraki started to include Bluetooth beacon capabilities out of the box with their access points, providing a very simple and economical way to add beacon functionality to the Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Customers want free reliable Wi-Fi to enhance their experience, to connect to their family and to work remotely. You can use your Wi-Fi network infrastructure to deliver a high quality service while gathering marketing information and intelligence that you can monetize.