You might be missing an opportunity.

A quick show of hands, please: how many of you are running guest WiFi for your organization? Free WiFi is now available in coffee shops, hotel lobbies, hospital waiting rooms, and retail locations across the country. These days, customers check for — and expect — wireless access.

Providing a more seamless sign-on experience via your guest access, can increase brand exposure. Facebook login using your organization’s Facebook Page as a splash page is the most convenient way to log in for billions of users. But if you are using a residential grade WiFi network platform in you business, this is not a possibility.

If you are offering free WiFi, you might be missing on a big opportunity to promote your business on social media. Here are some interesting statistics about Facebook usage worldwide:



Benefits of Facebook login.

Here are some benefits: first, you get access to aggregate and anonymous demographic data Facebook provides about your Page and on check-ins — statistics like the age and gender of those groups of people connecting. This helps you understand more about your audience, which can help you tailor customer experience and advertisements. For example, what if you’re a coffee shop and discover that the majority of your customers are women in their 30s? Maybe you make some changes to your coffee and food menu, or tune the type of music playing in your shops, or update the content of your Facebook Page to better suit their tastes.

  • Deliver a better Wi-Fi user experience – Wi-Fi login experience is ‘social’, friends can share their location and tag other friends, add photos

  • Connect more with your end-users – increase traffic on your Facebook page, share offers and announcements, make it easier for your customers to check-in and like your business

  • Increase visibility of your business on Facebook – Facebook Login promotes check-ins, meaning your business can increase the number of people you reach, and the number of stories generated about your brand in the News Feed

  • Deepen social media analytics – gain insight into aggregate demographics data from check-ins, reach customers who check-in with Facebook ads


What else can you do with Facebook WiFi?

When guests check in on Facebook, a story may post to their News Feed, viewable by their Facebook friends. People can see that their friend visited your location and “like” this story, thereby promoting your organization with virtual word-of-mouth recognition. And if friends of your guest are close by, they now know about your business and may decide to visit as well.

You can also provide an intuitive, convenient experience for guests trying to access WiFi — a smoother process than having guests ask a barista, lobby clerk, or employee for an access code and typing that into a splash page.

What else can you do with Facebook WiFi? Not only can you offer exclusive deals to your loyal customers, but you can also learn more about the clients connecting to your network to create a better user experience and promote engagement. It’s also one less password to remember, one less hassle for your customers, and the easiest way to create a lasting connection.

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:.

You can do this by using two SSIDs, one for Facebook WiFi users and another for regular WiFi users. Cisco Meraki Access Points can broadcast up to 15 SSIDs so you can customize your needs across many different types of users.

Click here to check out Facebook’s “Offers” page for how to create deals for users on your Facebook WiFi SSID.

You’ll need to create a Facebook Page for your organization in order to use Facebook WiFi. More information on how to create a Facebook Page is available  here.

A valid location is required for Facebook WiFi usage. If a business has several locations, a Facebook page can be created for each of these.

Users who connect to your SSID using Facebook WiFi will be prompted to check in using their Facebook credentials. You can allow users to skip this step by giving them open access or requiring them to input a password of your choosing, created in your Facebook page settings.

While you cannot require a WiFi user to “Like” your organization’s Facebook page, they will be automatically prompted to do so after checking in.

Open, encryption-free association is required for Facebook WiFi.


Many telecommunication providers offer “free” guest WiFi with internet plans for small business. You pay for the service and they get to promote their brand. It’s time you take control and start promoting your business with your own investment. At SotoNets, we’ve already begun a full-scale release of this feature to our wireless customers. We can assess your current wireless infrastructure to see if this can be implemented.

Facebook WiFi provides internet connectivity to your customers. In turn, they promote your business on social media and you gain access to valuable demographic information.