Online Forms For Health Care.

As the new coronavirus spreads quickly, scientists are trying to understand how long the virus can survive on different surfaces to determine the risk of transmission.

The reality is that the pandemic has made us aware of the lack of hygiene in public spaces and work surfaces. A new era of personal space has arrived, and the less we come into contact with foreign objects, the safer we feel.

According to the article 12 Places Germs Lurk that appeared on WebMD, your doctor’s office is number eleven in the list for obvious reasons. This is a small space with many people who have a health concern or an infectious illness. Even though the office has to comply with strict hygiene regulations, it’s best to take precautions when visiting your health care provider.

If a patient is required to fill out an insurance form or an intake form, it will most probably be delivered on a clipboard with a pen attached. How many people handled this keyboard before? It be better and safer to ask the patient to fill out the form on their smartphone, tablet, or at their home computer.

Benefits of online forms.

Here are some benefits: first, you can explore itemized answers and data visualization in one simple review pane. For example, you can quickly determined the number of new female patients under 35 years of age, or which insurance provider is most popular with your patients. Maybe the information you collect can help you better server your audience by providing specific services for female patients or designating specific hours for seniors or expectant mothers.

  • Deliver a better user experience – Do you ask a patient about pregnancy if we can determine that the patient a is male? The online form can deliver a better user experience by asking only those questions that are relevant.

  • Connect more with your patients – Online forms make it easier to find out common characteristics of your patients. You will then be able to deliver more personalized services at a lower cost.

  • Increase visibility of your practice on social media – Understanding the demographics will help you market your services on specific social media channels and tailor the content to cater to that market segment.

  • Deepen social media analytics – gain insight into aggregate demographics data from the answers in the online forms.

Patient with online form on a cell phone

How can you deliver online forms to patients?

If a patient is required to fill out an insurance or intake form, you most probably will be handed a clipboard with the form and a pen, most probably used by many other people before you.A solution to minimize the risks associated with clipboards or even tablets is to allow the patient to fill out the form on their smartphone at home. Here is a sample of how this can be done:

Scan a QR Code with your phone or tablet

Most smartphones and tablets can scan a QR Code just by pointing the camera to the code. A printed page with the QR Code can be displayed on the counter or other locations of your office for the patients to see and scan.

You can try it now by opening the camera application in your phone and scanning this demo QR Code:

Demo QR Code for Online Form

Email or Text a link

One of the simplest ways to make the form available to patients is to simply send an link via email. If you choose to message your patient via SMS, Whatsapp, or any other messaging app, the link can be paste in its original form, but it may look a bit challenging for some users.

This is an example of an Intelligent Form Link embedded in the email text. When using messaging apps, the link will appear like this:

Adding a button to your website

Visitors to your website can click on the button on the right to get redirected to the online form. Click on the button and the form will appear in a new tab.

Add the form to your website

Adding a code snippet to your website will allow visitors to fill out the form directly. There are no redirections or additional steps to follow. Simply take them to a page on your website and the form will be displayed ready to accept information.

What happens after the form is filled and submitted?

Once the form is completed by the patient, your office manager will receive a notification with a link to the completed form. Now you can store it in PDF or Excel format in a secure online location.

Using online forms promotes safe handling of information, both physically and electronically. Patients can use their devices to fill out the forms avoiding physical contact with clipboards, keyboards, or tablets. The information collected is safely stored online and never left on a desk where it can be seen by unauthorized individuals.

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